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See the most beautiful nature Saimaa
and the Saimaa seal

 In wintertime Saimaa wilderness is an other kind of wonderland, where you can enjoy absolute peace by snowshoes, by crosscountry skies or just hiking in the shelter of forest!

- Whatever! I will help you to make your the best naturetrip in Saimaa-region

-Tours into healing points of Saimaa region! Yours tours, Tiina




Feel the power of Saimaa nature

When I was 10 years of age, new route to Anttola Village School took me through the forest. Whether winter or summer, I followed the route to school either on foot or on skis. The journey was filled with adventure and memorable experiences with nature. Gradually I started to understand mor and more about the forest and learned to read its signs.

Today, I still pass through the Anttola forests, both for work and pleasure. The beloved environment I grew up has become my job. Whether participating in canoing, biking or hiking treks, security is always number one, but also story is important.

Treks are always inspirational and I make effort to combine cultural heritage with nature trails.

The area I guide people, Saimaa, is the fourth largest freshwater area in Europe and selected among the World’s most beautiful lake areas.”

Lakes Saimaa and Luonteri, my home, are located in Southeastern Finland. At approximately 4.400 square kilometres it is the largest lake in Finland. One of the most famous residents of lake Saimaa are the engandered Saimaa Ringed Seals, a freshwater seal that only lives at Saimaa. With 120 lakes and 14000 island, the area I guide people, Saimaa, is the fourth largest freshwater area in Europe and selected among the Worlds’ most beautiful lake areas by the Wall Street Journal in July 2014.

Tiina Leinonen
Nature and wellness guide.

”Following the rhytm of nature,
hearing rhytm the nature,
Guide-Tiina tours.”

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Feel the spirit of Saimaa islands

See the most beautiful islands, waters, and the heritage of the...

Feel the spirit of Saimaa sunset

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